Physical Security

Murray Technology Services specializes in Access Control and CCTV residential installation.  Our install technicians have a combined 15 years experience.

Physical security has changed a lot over the last ten years – many businesses are trading in their metal keys for key fobs. Many businesses are using access control systems to give them more functionality and additional insight over their facilities.  These systems allow for granular control and logging of traffic as they come and go.  Expanding on access control, there is a growing demand for cameras in businesses and residential markets.

Camera Systems

A business owner’s workplace is their home away from home – our quality camera systems allow you to view both your private and your work residences 24-7-365!  Whether your goal is to monitor your house from the beach in Santa Cruz, monitor your retail front during a coveted day off, or provide footage of a theft two weeks ago – a good camera system is the best way to meet this need.  We can install both analog and IP camera systems – depending on your needs and budget.  Our goal is to pair your business or residence with a video surveillance system to exceed your expectations!


Access Control

Many businesses have expanded control of their facility through an integrated and uniform system that erases the burden of lost keys and makes the turnover of employees a breeze. With access control, you can remove someone’s access to a building in the click of a button and can examine each entry or exit instantly.  We have seen growth in all markets with these product offerings – please allow us to show you how this type of system could benefit you!

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