Emsisoft Anti-malware Protection

As an official partner of Emsisoft we can offer you great prices on an excellent product. Emsisoft is not only an Anti-malware product but also offers excellent protection against Viruses to help keep you safe while browsing online. Emsisoft offers Three Layer Protection with Surf protection, Real-time Guard, and behavior and Live Cloud protection. It uses little resources on your computer, allowing it to run fast and efficient without you noticing it is running. Emsisoft has always graded highly in real-time tests, making sure to keep you up to date and protected at all times. We are proud to offer and recommend Emsisoft to our clients.

Backblaze – Online Could Backup

Murray Technology Services is now an official partner of BackBlaze Online Cloud Backup. They offer UNLIMITED backup space for only $5 a month per PC, $50 a year or $95 for 2 years with an annual subscription. You can give them a 15 day trial, with No credit card required at sign up to try it before you commit. We personally have used BackBlaze and stand behind their excellent product of making backups simple and easy for the everyday computer user. Visit their website by visiting their website directly for more information at www.Backblaze.com

As an official partner of BackBlaze we can help set you up the right way.

With cloud backup your data is encrypted and stored offsite within minutes. Protecting you from accidental deletion, theft, seizure or god forbid a fire or flood. Local backup isn’t enough. You can always buy a new computer, but you can’t buy back your data. Are ready to sign up? Give us a call! 831-480-4302