Data Backup/Transfer

Data loss can be catastrophic.  Perhaps there is nothing worse when using a computer then when hours, days, months, or even years of irreplaceable data gets lost.

Don’t be a victim to data loss! Your data and information is priceless. Protect yourself from the potential problems of a broken hard drive. We special in the two ways of data backup, onsite backups and offsite (cloud) backups. Furthermore, backing up your data is not expensive. If you run a business, even a small business, there is simply no excuse not to secure your data and protect yourself from severe legal or financial consequences due to data loss. Furthermore, even if you are simply a home-user and want to save your precious files, you owe it to yourself to contact us at Murray Computer Repair and discuss a proper solution.

Onsite Backups to External Hard Drive

If the primary hard drive located inside of your computer breaks, you can rely on a second hard drive connected externally that contains all the data from the internet drive. Let us configure your system to back up to an external hard drive the right way. Although external hard drives, made by such brands as Western Digital, Toshiba, Seagate, etc., can be purchased easily and cheaply from a local computer store, they must be configured properly otherwise your data will not be backed up in full or on a regular basis. Many of these hard drives come with difficult-to-use software programs that slow down the computer greatly. Although these built-in applications may backup your data, they sometimes will slow your computer down more than a harmful virus or spyware application. Additionally, they may only backup part and not all of the data that you wish to protect. Other applications, such as the natively built-in Windows Backup merge all of your backed up files into split compressed archives that make viewing your backups difficult and hard to check. Moreover, these compressed archives sometime suffer from corruption at a certain point, rendering all data from the point of corruption inaccessible.

Do it the right way. Don’t rely on built-in junk software programs that make your computer slow or suffer from archival corruption. We can set it up right the first time that way you can have peace of mind when dealing with your backups. With our onsite backup process, first, we remove any of the junk software that comes built-in on the drives and, second, we install a program that can backup when you simply click on a desktop icon or is scheduled to perform a backup automatically every night or every week at a set time. The program that we use does not slow your computer down and does not compress the files, making it easy to browse your backups on your external hard drive just like you would on your internet hard drive.

Offsite (Cloud) Backups

Perhaps you are wondering what good an external hard drive would be in the case of theft or burglary, natural disaster such as a hurricane or flood, or even a man-made catastrophe such as fire due to arson. While having an external hard drive is good, in this particular case it would do you no good. In order to properly insure protection against such on-site problems, you will need to back up your data in the cloud. Backing up to the cloud means that your data is being stored in a secure and trustworthy data center far from your own computer’s physical location. Therefore, if a catastrophe occurs and your computer’s hard drive is damaged beyond an easy to moderate repair or is stolen, you can still retrieve all of your important data. With our data expertise, we can get you back up and running in a new computer with your backed up data that we can retrieve from the cloud.

Onsite and Offsite Simultaneous Backups – The Ultimate Data Backup Solution

If you need total data security, then let Murray Computer Repair configure your computer, PC, laptop or desktop, for both Onsite Backups with an external hard drive properly configured to do daily backups in a clear, easy to check, easy to retrieve, and transparent manner and Offsite (Cloud) Backups to ensure that your data is safe even in the event of theft or natural disaster. By combining both the Onsite and Offsite (Cloud) backup methods, your data is as secure as it can possibly be. You can rest well knowing that your data is being protected in the most secure means.

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