One of the most important technology expenses a business can budget for each year is a reliable backup. We strive to provide an excellent managed solution for every business or institution we work with no matter how big or small. In a way, backups are like buying insurance for digital data integrity. There are several different types of backups and depending on your business, we will help you pick the one that is right for you!

Flat File Backup

A lot of businesses have essential documents or basic databases that need to be backed up. This information is critical to every day business but isn’t always time sensitive for restoration. This allows us to size the backup plan to fit your current needs and plan for future growth. We closely monitor all of our backups to make sure that our customer’s data is intact. This enables you to take stress off of personnel or an extra duty, like changing a tape drive every day.

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Disaster Recovery

Technology has become a part of all businesses no matter what field you are in. It has become more prevalent over the last several years that some businesses completely rely on technology, and for those customers, we have a solution for you as well. These businesses can afford very little downtime, if any at all. Virtualization technology allows us to offer other solutions that will provide customers with a backup solution that will be able to have them back up and running in no time. Give us a call today to hear more about how this technology could benefit your company!